Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thank You.

I’m thrilled to have been named runner-up in the 2011 C-Ville Weekly annual round of voting in the “Best Local Blog” category. Congrats to Mas to Millers on their win! Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou. A million blessings on your houses and in your bellies. Thank you to everyone who voted, everyone who reads my sore attempts at slapping vowels and consonants together, and most of all, thank you to all the folks who’ve sent me words of encouragement recently. They came when I REALLY needed to hear them, believe me.

I’ve found myself in a love/hate relationship with this blogging business of late. Mostly love. So maybe we’re not co-dependent, just going through some growing pains. I love writing, and I love writing about food. At one point I thought I was done, then I picked up Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw, and by the first chapter, the mojo was BACK. Have you read it? It’s the shit. So delectable it made me want to write about food again. A lot. It's like Ernest Hemingway and William Kennedy and Elmore Leonard were all obsessive chefs instead of testosterone-filled writers, and somehow in a parallel universe where this was even possible, they had a baby. The writing is meaty, and fast, and full of profundity without coming off as a pretentious professory-asshole. God, I want to write like that. Purdy please?

I know I’ve got a voice and at times my gut tells me it’s a good one. I just can’t hear what it wants to say these days. So I’ve been wool-gathering, daydreaming, brainstorming my ass off, wondering where to go next. I’ve made some decisions. They’re the right ones, and this blogging award is just the validation I need right now. A boost of confidence to allay my recent doubts and fears. Why yes, Jenée people actually care what you have to say. Who knew? Thanks so much for that.

Changes are coming, and I’m excited for the first time in months. No change in content, I’ll still be the same ol’ feisty bourbon girl, the same ol’ smartass broad bitching and complaining. Questioning and wondering, and praising where praise is due. But I want more. I want this site to grow. And I’m hoping you’ll be along for the ride. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…watch this space. Right now I’m going to go pour myself a snort of my favorite tequila to celebrate (Don Alvaro). Maybe I’ll see you at the party. Cheers! And thanks…


Becky said...

So does this mean you'll actually blog?

justherejustnow said...

Nothing like a little Bourdain for some inspiration. I love his writing - and I'm vegetarian, so that is saying something! Congrats on Cville Weekly!

Libby said...

@justherejustnow - thanks :0) Love your blog btw.

@Becky, wow, I've actually been out-smartassed. Rarely happens, but the 150+ posts on this blog (one of three I write on) would indicate that answer to be yes. Thanks for reading.