Apartments in Schaumburg are thedream of many and you may be are one of those. Schaumburg, a town having a population of 75,000 people located in Cook County and in the suburb of Chicago, it has its own importance due to geography and it also has many companies headquarters located in it. Many famous areas and spots make this town so special and beautiful.

If you want to explore some valuable features that can compel you to buy or rent an apartment in Schaumburg, then here are some that I am mentioning. You will absolutely love the place and lifestyle of it. So read everything carefully and make your mind today to buy or rent an apartment here in Schaumburg so that your life can change forever.

Woodfield Mall

11th largest shopping mall in the US,opened on September 9, 1971. A beautifully constructed Woodfield Mall is thelargest mall in Chicago. It contains 300 stores and all are most famous brand in the whole US. This mall makes Schaumburg a famous town. A huge number of visitors visit this mall every year.If you want to buy most famous brands and product stores, Woodfield Mall is the best option for you. Schaumburg is mostly famous because of this mall.

Fitness Area

Life without having fitness is nothing and this facility for residential is a great point. Schaumburg also got fitness centres which arenecessary and a cool point for people having busy lives to spend some time in the fitness areas. People love to spend some time for their health.


Entertainment for a human being is a real necessary thing for all ages and almost every good city has it. Talking about Schaumburg, it has also many of them. You can go Medieval Times if you want to enjoy concert & shows, Fire Zone is a place for kids where they can make a lot of fun, Comedy clubs and movie theatres are also available in Schaumburg which makes anattraction for visitors and residential. You can also visit Picnic point to spend your vacations to make them memorable.

Schaumburg Township District Library

The second largest library in Illinois, this library has 180 personal computers and access to more than 600,000 items to access. A great asset of Schaumburg, this library also makes the town so special. It has won many awards since 1960. Extremely helpful staff &tonnes of reading, sitting, studying spaces make the environment so special for the visitors.

Dine-in Places

Dine-in places in Schaumburg also make thegreat taste of the town. Coffee houses, Cigar bars, Pubs & clubs or restaurants, you can find any of these places easily in town.


If you are interested in visiting the museum, there are two famous places in Schaumburg. Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture Park&Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology. Both museums have agreat reputation in town. People reviews are very great about these places that make these places a must visit place in town.